Mentor School District Wants More of Your Money

By Concerned Mentor Taxpayers

The Mentor School Board met to approve administrators’ salaries and “incentive” pay, approve Bill Wade’s request to put 2 levies on the November ballot. These are the salaries the school administrators will be “earning” in the coming school year:

Can you see why they “need” more of YOUR MONEY?

Two suggestions for November:

1. Vote for the Os…Rose Ioppolo and Gil Martello

2. Vote NO on both Mentor Schools’ levies.

Concerned Mentor Taxpayers


LFC Comments by Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

The Mentor School Board and the entire district has lost touch with the taxpayers in their school district. If they continue to increase property taxes, they will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

The enrollment and academic proficiency have gone down, salaries and the number of teachers and administrators have increased, and they are pushing perverse ideologies that will not protect the children.





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