Audio Sex Books for Children?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for sending us the following information on audiobooks. We never even contemplated that pornographic material was available in audiobooks for children. We will verify that audiobooks are covered by the Ohio Revised Code section 2907.321 “Pandering Obscenity to Minors”, and included in any proposed school board’s policies prohibiting such material in schools.

We will be contacting the book’s author Deborah DeGroff. Our mission is to shine the light into the darkness. Truth conquers all! Parents must be vigilante, and keenly aware that the evil doers are coming for their children.


Excerpts from the article:

“It doesn’t matter if the children’s families don’t have paid subscriptions to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Scribd if they have a Library Card and the book is available as an Audiobook at their local library. These minors enter their library card number, and, in a flash, the book appears on their devices.

Sonic did not read those passages from What Girls Are Made Of with the same tone and inflection that the narrators of such books do. Imagine your children listening to this and, possibly, scrolling back to re-listen to particular passages. Is this any different from a stranger at the park speaking these words?

Many of the books marketed to children are available as Audiobooks. Some summer reading programs and English classes do not distinguish between reading or listening to books. Both are counted as having read the book.”

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”… Psalm 11:3 (KJV)

Deborah DeGroff
School Board INTERRUPTS Mom Who Is Reading Explicit Library Book bc It’s Not Appropriate For Crowd 072823



Debbie DeGroff became interested in the subject of children’s books when her oldest child began to read. While perusing the then current literature of the eighties, she noted the contrast between those books and the books she had read as a child. Upon reading more, curiosity then shifted to concern.

This spawned a lifetime of research and a resounding cry for parents to look into their children’s books. In the last thirty plus years, she has read thousands of children and young adult books in their entirety and is esteemed to be a leading authority on the subject.



Linda Goudsmit and website:


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