Disney Destroys Barbie

By Caroline Farrow, CitizenGo

Parents, the new Barbie movie about to be released on July 21, 2023 in the US, is not the Barbie movie you might be expecting.  If you plan to take your child to this movie over the summer, be prepared for some hard conversations afterwards.

The movie, which is being released today, has sparked controversy due to the casting choice of Hari Nef, a transgender-identified man, playing the role of a female doctor version of Barbie. Many concerned parents and Christian movie reviewers have expressed their dismay and objections to this decision.

As parents, we believe that children’s entertainment should focus on providing positive role models and upholding decent values. The inclusion of gender ideology and a transgender-identified actor in the Barbie movie undermines these principles and may lead to confusion and influence among young viewers who may not be ready to fully comprehend complex themes.

We cannot remain silent while the film industry continues to push agenda-driven movies instead of catering to the desires and values of the majority of audiences. We need to take action now to send a strong message to Warner Bros and to protect the innocence and values of our children.

Sign this Petition to let Warner Bros CEO, David Zaslav, know that they need to stop making films that push an agenda and caters to a small percentage.

Movies like Barbie that seek to “preach” to its audience that transgenderism is normal and fun must be boycotted.  If Warner Bros and other studios continue to make these movies that nobody is going to watch, the message will be made clear.  For Hollywood studios, the almighty dollar speaks volumes, and if a movie doesn’t make any money, they will stop making them.

We have seen what has happened in the last few months to films that try to push an agenda to an audience seeking entertainment without a political agenda.  They have all bombed at the theater, but films like “Sound of Freedom” have been growing in popularity.  Both Warner Bros and Mattel should reexamine who their target audiences are.  They have been ignoring the millions of people who would flock to see a movie about Barbie that stayed true to its roots, and instead are trying to cater to a very small percentage of people who find these bland, virtue signaling, agenda driven films entertaining.

Stand with us in demanding that Warner Bros prioritize quality entertainment that upholds traditional values and provides positive role models for children. Sign the petition today and let your voice be heard.

The left continues to try to tear down the family, by creating movies that confuse and corrupt, and by trying to strip parents of their rights to educate their own children, especially in the area of morality.  We need to keep pushing back!  We need to fight using tactics that speak volumes, especially to companies like Warner Bros and Mattel.  We need to speak with our feet and not make our way to the filth being produced lately that some would call “entertainment”.  

Speak with the tools we have at hand this weekend and avoid seeing Barbie. Continue to support movies and studios that promote the family, and family values.

If we allow movies like the upcoming Barbie film to persist, it sets a dangerous precedent for future children’s entertainment. We risk losing the values and principles that have been ingrained in beloved characters like Barbie for generations. The normalization of gender ideology in media can have far-reaching implications for our society, impacting the understanding of sex and gender for future generations.

Sign the petition letting David Zaslav know that we won’t stand for mediocre movies that push leftist progressive agendas any longer. Sign Now!!

Thank you for your support and for standing up for films that align with our values. We are confident that with your help, we can make a difference and protect the innocence of our children.Caroline Farrow and all of the team at CitizenGOPS: Don’t forget to share this petition with others who may be concerned about the direction of children’s movies. The more signatures we gather, the stronger our message will be.

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