Much More Important than You May Know

Voting NO on November 7th is Much More Important than you may Know!
My Fellow Patriots,

We are just days away from an election that could fundamentally change Ohio in many ways if We the People allow it. The materials below explain why any moral citizen must vote NO on both Issue 1 and Issue 2 on November 7th! You get that, you just need to help your fellow citizens get it by sharing the materials below and the videos we have posted at You should also visit

What I want to focus your attention upon right now is the DEADLY threat this planned assault by the Communist Left is to our Representative Republic with this Constitutional Amendment. You know, all those Marxists who keep saying that you, and I, and conservatives are a “threat to Democracy!” Well what could be more of a threat to “Democracy” than making voting worthless? Isn’t your right to vote what allows us to have a Representative Republic as defined by our Ohio and National Constitutions?

So guess what? If Issue 1 passes, the left will have succeeded in “Legislating by Constitutional Amendment” and taking EVERYTHING our elected Representatives have done in our name, and thrown them all out! Laws that were debated on, and voted upon, in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate over a period of some 50 years, that were signed by duly elected Ohio Governors, will be discarded by one vote on November 7th! That, unfortunately is “Democracy” in the French Revolution sense of the word! It is NOT the form of Government we trust, that our forefathers gave us, and that we call a Representative Republic!

But it is even worse than that. This diabolical plan by the Marxist Left eviscerates the Ohio Constitution! When you can’t win elections, like they no longer can in Ohio with their radical Marxist agenda, your goal has to be to make elections meaningless. That is what they are trying to do!

If they can make law by writing $50 million checks from out of state, and even out of country, Marxist donors to buy TV commercials filled with lies that manipulate voters – why hold elections? Why should YOU vote next year for your Ohio House Representative or your Ohio Senator when any legislation that you want, and they pass, that the left doesn’t like, can be permanently changed by a Constitutional Amendment simply by writing a check?

Your NO Vote on Issue 1 is NOT just about Abortion and Parents Rights. It is about stopping the Marxist Left from being able to take over Ohio and turn it into California! Next year it will be a massive increase in minimum wage that will KILL small businesses. Then they want to force extreme livestock care rules, written by the radical PETA organization, to destroy Ohio farmers. Then they want a Constitutional Amendment to ban certain guns, magazine capacities, and force a statewide gun owner registry. Can’t you just see the propaganda ads demonizing MAGA gun owners!!

The next year it will be to create “rank choice voting” or to give illegal immigrants the right to vote, etc. Do you see how this is MUCH BIGGER and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than just this Issue 1??? If we can defeat their money and their lies, by turning out and voting NO on November 7th, they will get NOTHING for their $50 million! They will learn the hard way that We the People are NOT going to let anyone rule over us by “Legislating by Constitutional Amendment!” None of this should be done by Amending the Ohio Constitution. It should be done by LEGISLATION voted on by duly Elected Representatives! Not bought by Billionaires!

So, regardless of your views on Life or “Transgender” mutilation of children or on smoking all the Weed you like, I hope that I have convinced you that there is a much more important reason to vote NO on November 7th.

If so, please share this essay with others so that they may become motivated to defend their right to vote and our Representative Republic by turning out to vote NO on Issue 1 and Issue 2.

For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention


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