Kent State University Traumatizing Female Students

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Kelly Kohls for this information about Kent State University.

Kent State University Traumatizing Female Students

By Kelly Kohls, community activist

I just got a call from a student at Kent State.  She took a picture of a 6’4″ man who walked into the girls bathroom, stood at the door as she was walking out. He had a full beard and a skirt on. She was terrified. 

Kent State is erasing women by calling departments of women’s things – womxn = meaning women are no longer recognized. 

Now they have sex week. Look at the activities offered at this week’s “Sex Week”.  This is not the first year this has been offered.  All of this is so bizarre it is tormenting and traumatizing the female students.

Our so-called “Higher Ed” institutions have become torture chambers for all students. 

Here is your Kent State University:


Kelly Kohl’s testimony about the bathroom, locker room and sports bill starts at the 21:15 mark.


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