November 7th…A Sad Day For Ohio & Our Country

By Geauga Lobbyist

November 7th was sad day for Ohio and our country.

As a pro-life, pro-family Christian woman with a strong disinclination to the harmful recreational drug culture, I am stunned with the evil that Ohio has embraced with these ballot issues. 

On Issue 1 specifically, I think the language being used to describe the election results from both sides is worth noting. Almost consistently, reports use the word enshrined. The right to abortion has bee broadly stated as being “enshrined” into the Ohio Constitution.

A thought that came from my son is that a shrine is a tomb or monument to the dead; one that holds a religious or sacred connection. The word itself brings a feeling of reverence, yet what has been enshrined is irreligious, egregiously harmful, and immoral.

Thinking about and contrasting the faith of our founders with ideas like polytheism, paganism, humanism, mother earth, etc. we can detect quasi religious worldviews unfolding in our culture that are neither moral nor Godly.  

If propaganda is the manufacture of consent, is it true that Ohio has broadly taken the bait and joined in consent to something evil and unconscionable?  I think many of our pulpits have moved downstream from a radical and deliberately subverted culture that has slowly formed through elitists and progressives in universities, public education, uniparty government, media, big business, etc.?

Some churches thankfully spoke out about Issue 1, but many were silent as they blindly confused moral issues with politics. And admittedly, some congregations are embracing apostate mindsets. 

Was November 7th a tipping point in the greater battle for the soul of America? Ohio is, after all, a battleground state. Is it true that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation? I hope not because other states will soon be facing the exact same battle. It might be up to us to give them counsel. 


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