Issue 1 and 2: How the Blind Lead the Lied to With Help From the Lazy

By William Andrew, Lake County Resident

Issues 1 and 2: How the Blind Lead the Lied to with help from the Lazy

Here we are shortly after the “progressive victory” and approval of issues 1 and 2, both passing with only 49% of registered voters actually voting. 51% of Ohio’s registered voters stayed home. STAYED HOME/LAZY!

Issue 1 today is an enshrined constitutional amendment that progressives sought for, worshiped at and essentially, with rabid fanaticism essentially claim is better than the 10 commands given to help the Hebrew slaves coming out of a wild wilderness so they might develop an orderly and just society. The 10 were also foundational in the formation of America’s orderly and just society as well.

Question:  in hindsight, can we see issue 1 for what it really is? It is a complete removal of parental rights and a tactic to divide families, throwing them into disorder and making children wards of state rule and regulation.

Can we also see the herd process used to get 1 and 2 passed?

The fact is Democracy without clear reasoning and without a clear vision of  consequence is like a stampede of frightened cattle scared by something (a loud noise behind them) causing the herd to thoughtlessly run wild toward a steep cliff.

Democracy BTW is also called “mob rule” where 50 plus 1 removes ALL Rights of the 49. It’s the main reason that America IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, but a Republic of laws where justice and order have the deciding vote.

What democracy could be is a thoughtful vision of explanation along with a balanced debate of what an action or inaction leads to.   Tomorrow we shall inevitably face the regret of many unintended consequences brought about by lazy stay at home voters and lied to yes voters.

Face the fact: Ohioans who voted YES panicked and ran our society toward a deadly cliff.

We see now that progressive billionaires and their minions knew how to manipulate frightened wild eyed herds of Ohio cattle while completely ignoring the fact that pot is a source of schizophrenia and psychosis. Pot is well known to be behind many mental health issues that lead to long term problems for individuals, families and society; look at India and even Colorado to see the mess pot has created.

Pot is not simply a recreation drug it is wreckreational drug, a foreign drug pushed on us by foreign enemies with a minimal goal of lowering America to that of a weak backward 3rd world nation and a maximum goal of softening us for a future complete invasion and total takeover, a complete loss of our fought for and inherited freedoms.

Fact is Progressives’ ARE the blind leading the lied to and Ohioans listened to those lies or slumbered in ease while evading their role in the decision.

Progressives know what they’ve done and why. Ohio will soon know why too, for nothing good can come from 1 or 2.

What good can come from death, confusion, division, a drugged existence and regret upon regret?


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