Lobbyists for Citizens Speaks to Joint Committee on Property Tax Review and Reform…update 5/27/24

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall


My Christian brother, Leonard Gilbert, and I traveled again to Columbus to speak before the Joint Committee on Property Tax Review and Reform. Here are our videos.

Here is Greg Lawson of the Ohio Buckeye Institute with some very interesting comments about property taxes and the role of government.

Three Ohio Auditors express their views to the Joint Committee.

Updated 5/27/24: Please listen to the Franklin County Auditor, Michael Stinziano, at the 3:10 mark of the video below, state that if you cannot afford your home you should SELL it. We will be sure to convey Mr. Stinziano’s message to ALL citizens of Ohio. Franklin County may want to decide if that is the caliber of Auditor they want representing them.

Charles Walder, Geauga Auditor, does a great job expressing his views, and the citizens in Geauga County are well served by Mr. Walder. He took unprecedented steps to reduce the increasing property taxes for the citizens. There was a school district that actual reduced the taxes collected by $1.000,000.

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Here is a link to David Thomas’ website where he details what he discussed at the Joint Committee hearing.


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