Lakeland Community College….we have our spotlight on you now

Here is the records request that we have just sent to Ms. Amy Sabath, Director for Government Relations of Lakeland Community College.  Ms. Sabath is also currently President of the Lake County Visitors’ Bureau Board, a former ‘mover and shaker’ in the Republican Party, and a political consultant that has worked for many prominent local politicians.

Ms. Sabath:

We read with great interest the News-Herald article regarding the student housing for LCC, and the post on the LCC website.  We find it interesting how the college trustees got around the State law prohibiting a community college from owning or operating on-campus student housing.  Well played!
We are requesting any and all agreements between Lakeland Community College and Beyond Owners Group, the “non-profit” partner.  In addition, we are requesting any and all information that Lakeland Community College has on Beyond Owners Group, Rieth Jones Advisors and Signet Real Estate Group.
Please provide total cost spent to date by Lakeland Community College on this venture to provide on-campus student housing.
A basic question that needs answering: “What is the motivation for Beyond Owners Group to invest money in LCC on-campus housing?”  In other words, what is in it for them?
Thank you,
Brian Massie
8196 Rainbow Drive
Concord Township, OH  44077

(LFC Comment and opinion:  We will go out on a limb right now and say that this non-profit’s motivation is not “for the betterment of mankind”……..A word to the wise….. LCC trustees –  the taxpayers are on to you now.  Taxpayers expect you to follow the law, not to be creative in ways to circumvent the laws.  Non-profits have become the solutions to scam the taxpayers, live off government funding, and further expand the progressive agenda.

Shame on all of you that are supposed to be paragons of virtue.  You have demonstrated to your students and citizens that you believe you are part of the elite class and, therefore,  above the law.  To the progressive elitist, following the law is only meant for the peasants.  We have our spotlight on you, and for “feathering your own nest”, at the expense of the taxpayer,  you will be exposed!)

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  1. We will research that for you. We believe the Visitors’ Bureau gig is voluntary, but we will verify that for you.

  2. What is Amy Sabaths pay and benefits at LCC?
    Does she receive any compensation as President of the Visitors Bureau, and if so, what is it?

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