Land Bank Meeting Agenda…what we know to date

Here is the agenda for the Land Bank meeting to be held on December 17th at 3:00 pm in Painesville. There does not appear to be any proposed discussion about the building at 65 North State Street.

Land Bank 20181217-4th-Quarter-AGENDA

We are closely watching the Land Bank’s actions regarding a proposed Hispanic Kitchen [read “Club House”] at the dilapidated  building at 65 North State Street in Painesville.  In our opinion, the building is an eyesore in the community and should be torn down.

The Land Bank Director, John Rogers, has been very supportive of this project that is spearheaded by a group known as HOLA, and controlled by an individual named Veronica Dahlberg. It is our understanding that if HOLA can raise the money for the extensive remodeling required, the Lake County Land Bank will donate the building and spend $80,000 of Lake County taxpayers’money  for the needed roof repairs.  To the best of our knowledge, HOLA has failed to date in getting State of Ohio grant money for the project.

We are still waiting for the final results from the EPA on this dilapidated building. We do know that there were two gasoline tanks on the site that had to be filled with cement.

We also know that the Catholic priest of the St. Mary’s church, located across from this dilapidated building, and future home of HOLA, fully supports this project and refers to anyone that objects to this project as “sinful”.  My message to Father Vallenga is this:  You will have to stand in line behind Father Clyde Foster of St. John Vianney in Mentor, since he has already implied that I  was not a good Christian for writing the article dealing with illegal aliens that was published in the News-Herald .  They both may want to start preaching the revealed word of God, rather than the social gospels.  When they have to start advertising on billboards for Catholics to come back to the church, they have bigger problems than my newspaper articles dealing with fairness in the treatment of U.S. citizens. I have been thinking about doing some research on what the Bible says about false prophets.

In case you were wondering where you heard the name John Rogers, he is the current State Representative for District 60, covering the Painesville area. An entrenched Democrat, Mr. Rogers also works in his private law practice.  Since he will be term limited after the current stint as State Representative, we expect to see him vying for some other Lake County political office. [We expect intense competition for the County Commissioner spot – powerful positions can be very intoxicating]

On a positive note, Mr. Rogers did take quite a bit of time explaining to our group the role of the Lake County Land Reutilization Corporation [known as the Land Bank] – for that we publicly thank him.  Mr. Rogers is conscientious in his role as Executive Director, unfortunately, we have not agreed with his decisions.  For example, spending $150,000 to tear down the St. Mary Magdalene convent and rectory in Willowick was, in our opinion, a violation of the U.S Constitution.  They are not to use taxpayer dollars to favor any one specific religion.


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