Love Fest at Commissioners’ Meeting

Updated: 12/31/18 with News-Herald article.

Sorry, no facts and figures today, just pure opinion.

A true spectacle of homage and hubris was in full display today at the Lake County Commissioners’ meeting.  It was the “kissing of the ring” ceremony where the serfs and the peasants paid their due respects to the outgoing king who had provided them with the largess of the county government.  Not his money mind you, but the taxpayers’ money that gives entrenched politicians the power to wield over their fiefdom – and Commissioner Troy did it better than most.

This was Dan Troy’s fond farewell after being soundly beaten in the last election by Ron Young.  He received plaques, a book and fond wishes for a well earned retirement from a host of Lake County residents.

Many spoke in glowing praises of Mr. Troy, but none more profuse than Commissioner Hamercheck’s ten minute oration of heartfelt thanks for a comrade-in-arms, a mentor, a father figure, a true friend that took him under his wing so that he could learn the ropes of being a commissioner.  As Commissioner Hamercheck was starting to choke up from overwhelming emotion, I started to gag – must have been that spicy omelette for breakfast.

It was now Commissioner Troy’s turn to be the mighty statesman, a great orator, the one that is above the fray.  For about 15 minutes, we listened to a guy that does not know the meaning of the word “humility”,  Being humble about his perceived accomplishments does not even enter his mind.  When you have to remind people of your accomplishments, one wonders how important they really were.

We thought Commissioner Troy would take the “high road”, thank the Lake County citizens for the opportunity to serve them, and ride off into the sunset.  But no, the old, vindictive, consummate politician in him rose to the surface to be witnessed by all .  He had the audacity to besmirch the reputation of his fellow Commissioner when he said that he felt like he was working with assassins.

No doubt, he was referring to Commissioner Cirino who had campaigned against him and for Commissioner-elect Ron Young.  It could not have included Hamercheck since he has been “carrying the water” for some time now for Troy.  Since he used the plural “assassins”, perhaps Lobbyists For Citizens were also “thrown under the bus” by Troy for our concerted efforts to shed light on Troy’s past actions.

Upon hearing the charge of “working with assassins”, we had to speak up on behalf of Commissioner Cirino.  Although we have done battle with Cirino the last couple of years, it has always been civil discourse.  We have been appalled when uninformed citizens in the past have called him a racist, and a Nazi.  So when Troy referred to him as an assassin, it was uncalled for, mean-spirited, and profound hate speech.  We hope that 2019 will see an end to this type of rhetoric.

What the establishment in Lake County politics does not like is that Cirino is a leader, with great business acumen, that will not accept the status quo.

Update: 12/31/18
Here is a link to the News-Herald article by Chad Felton.   He fails to mention Troy calling “a certain fellow commissioner” an assassin.  Interesting that the News-Herald continues to carrying the water for Troy.



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  1. Thankfully the arrogant Troy finally got the boot. He used the system, his position and the lake County citizens to benefit his personal agenda. Goodbye Troy. Part of the Lake County swamp has been drained. Good riddance.
    Now for Hammercheck, who seems to be a complete Rhino. Could he possibly be a one term commissioner?


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