Congressman Dave Joyce…..can someone help him find his spine?

We are publishing a link to an article from our friends at regarding our Congressional Representative Dave Joyce.

Published Thursday, February 7, 2019

“Do Nothing Dave Joyce” finally wants to do something. He wants to legalize marijuana. He is apparently setting himself up for a job with the marijuana industry like former Ohio Congressman John Boehner did. As a former prosecutor, isn’t this counter-productive to everything he stood for in Geauga County?

According to an old Wikipedia, “Joyce was nominated by Senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovich to serve as US Attorney. However, serious questions arose during his FBI background investigation and President Bush did not move forward with the nomination.” That section has now been removed from his current page. A law enforcement source at the time said it had to do with drugs at a Christmas party Joyce was hosting in Cleveland.

Joyce is up for re-election next year. It’s time for him and current prosecutor James Flaiz to hit the road.

Susan Daniels

spine image  LFC contacted Congressman Joyce’s Mentor office and asked about his position on the building a wall or barrier on our Southern Mexican border.  We got this “milquetoast” answer: “Representative Joyce believes in border security”……no mention of any barrier at all….we stated that we could have received the same answer from Pelosi or Schumer….

It is infuriating to us that politicians are all similes, handshakes and big promises before election time, and then absolutely cave to their party leadership and special interests lobbyists rather than the will of the people at “crunch time”.

We cannot help but believe that Joyce lacks the intestinal fortitude, or has the necessary spine to really protect the citizens and our constitution that he has sworn to uphold.  Until Joyce publicly states that he supports building a wall on our Southern border to eliminate or curtail the supply of drugs into our community, we predict that he will experience a real challenge to be re-elected.

Note to all Lake County Republican leaders — we will be watching for your leadership on this issue. We have no illusion that the Democrat leaders will support building a barrier on the Southern border since they apparently believe that the sovereignty of our nation is an immoral and outdated ideal. (Note to A L – we remember your statement) Sadly, bringing in more voters and cheap labor takes precedent over the security and welfare of American citizens.  Greed and power are intoxicating elixirs.

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