Lake County Board Appointments….drain the swamp…updated 2/11/19

We sent the following email to the Commissioners asking for more information about Lake County board appointments.  We are concerned about seeing the same names on different boards, thereby giving us the impression that we have a “swamp” of well connected “swamp dwellers”.


This is a follow up to our question on the board appointments.  To be abundantly clear, we consider board appointments critical to Lake County’s success.

The appointee’s attitude toward burdening Lake County citizens with additional, or continuing property tax levies will be a critical factor in getting an “acceptable” rating from LFC.

(1) Are you currently planning to reappoint any individual(s) that are currently holding a board position?

(2) Has anyone requested to have existing board members reappointed?
(3) What criteria is used to determine an individual’s qualifications for appointment to any board?
Thank you,
Brian Massie

Here is a reply from Commissioner Jerry Cirino:

Brian: we vet candidates relative to their abilities to perform a needed service to the organization for which they are being considered. The appointments are the exclusive obligation of the elected Commissioners.

Unlike times past when many appointments were made for the wrong reasons we take this obligation very seriously. The voters elected us because they trust us with administering county government . That includes making appointments. We will continue to do so in the manner we feel appropriate .

This will not include public participation . Of course , the public is welcome to comment when an appointment Resolution comes before the Commission.

Finally,  appointments to the Lake Health Board are made by the corporate Board Members and not by Resolution by the Commissioners. I hope this answers your questions. (emphasis added by LFC)


(LFC:  There you have it my fellow citizens, no public participation is allowed.  You are only needed when it is time to get certain officials elected.   Wow!)

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