Lakeland Community College….changing board members

Looks like there are going to be changes at the Lakeland Community College board of trustees.  We found the following resolutions on the Commissioners’ agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. (2/14/19)

Current Board Member Roger Sustar is going to be replaced by Jason Ziegler.
Sustar to Ziegler

Current Board Member Kip Molenaar is going to be replaced by Stephen Ellis.
Molenaar to Ellis

Sorry, but we cannot tell you anything about the new board members.  We have been told, in no uncertain terms, by Commissioner Jerry Cirino that the taxpayers have no say in who is to appointed to any board in the County. [How naive we are!……We thought we counted for something, but I guess that only applies on election day and at fund raisers…..just saying….]


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  1. I meant one R and one D replaced by two R’s.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

  3. One R and one replaced by two R’s.

  4. Thank you for reading our articles….please tell your friends and neighbors about us.

  5. You got that right! The people…the host…they only count when these bums are trying to get elected. Once they are…they go about doing exactly what they had planned all along. We only matter to FUND the parasite of government. Corruption abounds in Lake County…thank you for shining the light of day on these cockroaches.

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