Texas Experiencing Run-a-Way Property Taxes….

Thanks to our Geauga patriot, Tom Niewulis, and the ‘Tax Working Group’ for this revealing article about the escalating property taxes in the State of Texas.


Here is a sentence that sounds eerily similar to the statement made by LFC:

“Ultimately, we have come to a tipping point for Texans who are being taxed out of their homes and businesses and feel powerless to stop it.”

LFC: “If we continue on our current path of ever increasing taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.”

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  2. We have to first convince people to stop voting for property taxes. We are being priced out of our homes.

  3. Either we aren’t taxed enough (perhaps because we aren’t paying our fair share) or we are being taxed too much and the elected and appointed officials are spending our money capriciously.

    Since when has it been a good idea to send our tax dollars to Washington DC and to Columbus and hope that they will return some of it. Both of those places are spending our tax dollars in areas for which they have no constitutional authority.

    The spending spigot in Washington DC and in Columbus apparently has no way to reduce the flow, only to maintain (and that is questionable) or to increase it.

    Just start adding up all the taxes that we as taxpayers pay…federal income tax, social security tax, state income tax, city income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax, and property tax. And then there are all the others of which we have little to no awareness like those associated with one’s cell phone: Federal Universal Service Charge, Regulatory Charge, Administrative Charge, OH Tax Recovery Surcharge, OH Reg Fee, and the State and Local 911 Fee.

    Enough is ENOUGH!

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