Ohio Open Meetings Act…..public has the right to know


Did you know that Ohio has laws regarding meetings that our public officials must follow.  Here is the section of the Ohio Sunshine Laws dealing with Open Meetings.

Ohio Open Meetings Act

Here is the entire Ohio Sunshine Law Manual: 2018-Sunshine-Laws-Manual

You may wonder why this is important to us right now?  Well, I tried to attend a meeting held by Commissioners Cirino and Hamercheck and the Visitor’s Bureau, and I was politely told by Don Vito……er, excuse me…Commissioner Cirino that this is not a public meeting since nothing is going to be decided at the meeting, so I was asked to leave the meeting. It makes me contemplate a basic question – Why the secrecy?

In attendance were the Visitor’s Bureau’s Executive Director Scott Dockus and their Board President Amy Sabath  and some others, presumably the VB’s staff.

loose cannon 3 image(Hmmm, having a deja vu moment right now – ever have one?   I have seen the name Amy Sabath somewhere before….just escapes me for the moment….must be having a senior moment…..surely, I will remember by tomorrow’s post….something about the relationship between the Don,  Amy, Lakeland Community College, and elections comes to mind.  Probably nothing, yea that’s it – probably nothing at all.  Stay tuned,  just aiming my cannon right now.)

This is not over by a long shot, we will be at tomorrow’s Commissioners’  meeting airing our complaints about the Commissioners deliberately shutting out the public’s right to know.  Very dangerous precedent.

We will let the court of public opinion decide how deep the swamp really is.

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  1. Thank you DeeDee for your comments. Believe me, “He who shall not be named” will have to account for his actions. As the old saying goes: “It ain’t over until we say its over”! Stay tuned.

  2. So having a quorum if commissioners present in that meeting doesn’t violate the open meetings law:
    Finally, a resolution, rule, or formal action of any kind is invalid unless adopted in an open meeting of a public body. A resolution, rule, or formal action adopted in an open meeting that results from deliberations in a meeting not open to the public is invalid, unless the deliberations were for a purpose specifically authorized by the Open Meetings Law and conducted at an executive session.36 In addition, a resolution, rule, or formal action adopted in an open meeting is invalid if the public body that adopted it violated the Law’s notice provisions.37

  3. That was exactly my question. Why the need for secrecy?

  4. This does make one wonder if there is something that there that they don’t want to make public. Surely how the Visitor’s Bureau operates shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy, should it?


  1. Lake County Visitors Bureau and the Commissioners…Let’s Make a Deal – Lobbyists for Citizens

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