Month: February 2019

Vaccinations…..two sides of the story

A Lake County lobbyist has asked us to publish the following links to a story regarding vaccinations. From the Toledo Blade……”the sky is falling”…what are we to believe?? *********************1776 From the website “Vaccine Impact”…… According to CDC Stats Measles… Read More ›

Lake Erie Bill of Rights…..LEBOR for short

Thanks to our  friends at for this article.  THE LAKE ERIE BILL OF RIGHTS CHARTER AMENDMENT TARGETS 36 NORTHERN OHIO COUNTIES FOR LITIGATION  Published Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Mark your calendars, Northern Ohioans, for February 26. That is… Read More ›

Lots of States Attacking Property Taxes

Thanks to Tom Niewulis for this article on the State of Texas willing to address their run-a-way increases in property taxes. *********************1776 Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyist for other links on the schools and property taxes: First up is… Read More ›

Reversal of Property Taxes in Cincinnati…it shows it can be done

Thanks to a Portage lobbyist for the alert on this recent article regarding property taxes in the Cincinnati Enquirer. It illustrates that we can make a difference, but the fight can be long and hard. *********************1776 Indian Hill school… Read More ›