Lake County Port Authority….financials

We have been asked by our readers for the financial information on the Lake County Port Authority.  You ask and we deliver…..

Here is everything that was given to us by the management of the Port Authority.

Salaries and benefits Port Authority

2015 State Audit Report – Final

2016 State Audit Report -Final

2017 State Audit Report-Final

love of money image

The Executive Director is undoubtedly a very happy camper on payday.

$134,296 salary / $21,487 fringes / ……nice gig if you can get it
[Note to Markie: there is more to be revealed]

And you do not have to live in the County you are promoting…is this a great county or what?

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  1. Wow no wonder why he lives in Rocky River. Plus all government days off

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