Senator Rob Portman & the Republicans….have sold us out!

Thanks to our patriotic friend Tom Z of “We the People” for this article on our not so illustrious Senator – Rob Portman.  It is understandable if you may confuse him with the Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown because they are both bent on destroying our nation while they reap the benefits from the special interest lobbyists.  Sadly, we are stuck with Portman until 2023, and Brown until 2025.  Both political parties are joined at the hip to bring socialism to our country and depress the wages of hard working Americans. All the while they give lip service to “border security” and allow drugs and illegal aliens to flow into our country.  Let’s expose these corrupt politicians!


Rob Portman thinks You’re Stupid!
Rob Portman is proving once again this week that he doesn’t “Represent” YOU or me or Ohio! Never has, never will. He is a bought-and-paid-for lackey of the US Chamber of Commerce and he represents them, not YOU, in their globalist efforts to destroy your job and our nation. (Don’t believe me read all about it here.)
Rob Portman thinks that you and I are stupid. He thinks he can just lie to your face and get away with it. While he and the corrupt “Republican Party” are solely responsible for this INVASION of our nation, Rob Portman tries to tell you and me that he rightfully opposes President Trump’s Tariffs on Mexico because it will “hurt Ohio”. In a Columbus Dispatch article today he says that a 5% tariff on Mexico would increase the costs of imports to Ohio by $9.6 billion a year. So, we can’t have that, right Rob, I mean the drugs coming over the border KILLED 4,293 Ohioan in 2017 alone, so the cost of $9.6 billion in increased costs to Ohio’s would not be “worth it” to save THOUSANDS of lives??? Right Mr. “I am going to solve the Opiod Crisis.” I am pretty sure that killing our sons and daughters “Hurts Ohio” more than paying a little more for our damned Avocado’s Rob!
Anti-Trump Senator
Rob Portman
Phony Republican
Call Him: (202) 224-3353
You solve the crisis Rob BY CLOSING THE DAMNED BORDER!!! You solve it Rob by SUPPORTING the President who is the ONLY ONE doing a damn thing to stop this INVASION!!! This Invasion YOU and the corrupt Republican Party created and failed to fix because your masters in the Chamber of Commerce want to drive down our wages and destroy our communities and our society.
Hey Rob, you know what “hurts Ohio” and all American’s? How about the $436 Million in our tax dollars – and borrowed money – that we will have to pay to take care of illegal Immigrants TODAY! Just Today! How about the $116 BILLION it will cost us, not you Rob, not the Chamber of Commerce, but us, THIS YEAR to take care of ILLEGAL immigrants with schooling, housing, food, health care, transportation and everything else.
Speaking of borrowed money, your NON-Representative voted this week AGAINST Rand Paul’s “radical” balanced budget plan that would cut 2% of spending each year. How many real Republicans in Ohio Rob do you think are concerned about the federal government borrowing $1 Trillion dollars every year and we are on the hook for it? You think it might be a majority? Read any polls lately on the topic Rob? Yea, but you voted no, because you don’t “represent” us do you Rob? We can’t cut even 2% of spending because your global corporate buddies love getting that corporate welfare, love the fact that you take care of them Rob so they can take care of you. It’s a beautiful system isn’t it Rob, unless you are an Ohio Citizen!
Normally, I would ask you to call your “Representative” and let him or her know how you feel on an issue. Rob Portman doesn’t give a damn how you feel or what you think. So, just call him up and tell him that you know that he doesn’t represent YOU, and he should stop pretending that he does, and that he should just go to hell! It will not change anything but it will make you feel better for having done it and no one deserves it more than your “NON-Representative” !
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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  9. Hopefully, people are starting to wake up….we just hope it is not too late.

  10. Oh boy…it goes deeper than that people. Rob Portman takes a lot of money from drug companies. Take a look at to see what I mean. Same with Sherrod Brown. And the drug companies Rob and Sherrod are in bed with…guess what they make?

    They make Methadone (a heroine addict must be on this stuff for the rest of their lives) and Narcan. So let’s keep them alive with Narcan, and then we have an addict who will be on a medication for the remainder of their lives. Forget about shutting down the border so that the influx of the stuff is reduced or even…gasp…eliminated! Portman and Brown are out there sponsoring lots of legislation and praising Trump until it came down to brass tax. Portman voted NO on Trump’s emergency declaration…which would have enabled him to divert funding to build the wall. (News flash for the walking dead out there…the wall is already being built…you just won’t see that from the Fake News outlets).

    So good old Rob and Sherrod also managed to get something like $200M if I read that right to help combat the opioid crisis in Ohio. And guess what is part of that package? If you guess medication management, which I’m guessing includes Methadone and Narcan, then you’d be right. Rob and Sherrod are part of the minions of the black hats and likely have been COMPROMISED in some way…they are CONFLICTED for some reason of their own doing I would imagine. Lots of politicians get a big head…get arrogant…and they do believe they are untouchable. We are dealing with one such tyrant in Lake County right now.

    No, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown care not for you or your families or the Great State of Ohio. This is despicable people…they do NOT want the border closed because their gravy train/cash cow BLOOD MONEY will stop. Rob and Sherrod must be removed.

    And, this proves what I’ve been saying for YEARS…both parties are so corrupt it is sickening. Both parties are lined up against the people in a big way. The government and us…we have the same enemy people…wake up and smell the tyranny!

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