Lake County Port Authority and a Commissioner…riding the “feasance” train together…

Just a friendly “heads up” to the Lake County Port Authority Board of Directors and to Commissioner [Blank]……We have read the Ohio Revised Code dealing with Port Authorities and found some very interesting information.

leaky boat 2

It will be interesting to see what the State of Ohio Attorney General, and the Auditor has to say about your conduct regarding the Better Flip project and the competitive bidding process.  Time to start bailing because your boat is taking on water…fast…

Calling a citizen a “disgruntled ex-employee”, when she has a legitimate complaint about the Port Authority, is acceptable to Commissioner [Blank]; but he will never accept criticism of his conduct or actions – that is off limits to the peasants.  The King threatening the peasants is ultimately never good for the King’s career.  Make no mistake, we are not afraid of you, and will let the court of public opinion weigh in on your questionable conduct.   

We have verified from citizen Faith Andrews, that the Commissioners’ attorney, Mr. David Hackman, confirmed that Andrews was correct with her interpretation of the Ohio Revised Code that the Commissioners can remove the Port Authority’s Board members for fiduciary non-feasance.

horses image

Tick tock…tick tock…the clock is winding down….the “feasance triplets” are on the track, “non” is the lead right now,  “mis” is close behind, but “mal” is closing fast…..sorry, but we are not permitted to take bets on which horse will cross the finish line first…..break out the derby hats and mint juleps ladies and gentlemen…

Hey Commissioner [Blank], if the audience wears derby hats at the next Commissioners’ meeting, will you offer a resolution banning derby hats…just saying….

Here is an article written by Marian McMahon of the “Gazette”.  Just for the record, I did accept Commissioner Hamercheck’s apology for making some questionable remarks about our facts concerning the Port Authority’s lack of a budget for the Better Flip project.  There is a huge discrepancy that needs to be resolved to our satisfaction.

There will be more articles on this subject  – we promise!

Gazette Article on the Port

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  5. We always approve a citizen’s reply….freedom of speech is a very valuable right that we do not take for granted….

  6. It appears what is “good for the goose is not good for the gander” in Commissioner Cirino’s world. He can call a whistleblower a “disgruntled ex-employee” and your online newspaper a “blog” but when referred to as a “rank neophyte” he loses his mind.

    Commissioner Cirino is a typical bully…he can dish it out but he can’t take it. Threatening a citizen who expressed concern is outrageous. She did not outright accuse Cirino of anything…she simply expressed concern that he could be conflicted. I remember reading that former Commissioner Daniel Troy threated Mr. Massie as well. What the heck is going on around here? It is blatantly obvious (they aren’t even hiding it anymore) that these employees have forgotten who they work for. That should deeply concern every single Lake County citizen.

    I Googled MyBoard and Chris Madison and the “Our Advisors” page of the MyBoard website comes right up. So it would appear that Ms. Andrews was correct in stating that Chris Madison (former port authority board member) is a business associate of Jerry Cirino. It’s right out on the MyBoard website. I also found a News Herald article written by Chad Felton announcing the addition of Chris Madison to the MyBoard team. One has to admit the optics don’t look real good.

    As for Commissioner Cirino’s rant about being called a “rank neophyte,” I admit that I had to look that up too. The word NEOPHYTE means “novice” or beginner. Mr. Massie you were absolutely correct when using that term in the Watson and Holmes dialogue (very humorous article on a very serious and disturbing subject by the way) to describe Commissioner Cirino. Prior to becoming Commissioner, I do not believe that Jerry Cirino ever held public office. He went straight from business man to County Commissioner.

    That was frowned upon in Concord Township by one Commissioner Cirino when describing Mr. Crews and Ms. Matsko when they ran against Paul Malchesky and Chris Galloway for Concord Township Trustees. They were inexperienced as they had never held public office, and Commissioner Cirino “had a real problem with them taking over one of the premier communities in Lake County”…his written words…not mine. He had such a problem with those neophytes that he endorsed a Democrat as a sitting Republican Commissioner…which is REALLY frowned upon by the GOP Central Committee pursuant to their Bylaws.

    But, like everything else in Lake County, there are two sets of justice…one for the ivory tower crowd and one for the slaves they rule. Dale Fellows and the party leadership refused to censure Cirino for that huge “no-no.” Don’t forget now GOP Chairman Fellows makes $15K a year through his position at the BOE and with his printing company during election season. A real sweet setup wouldn’t you say?

    Additionally, the Lake County GOP had a real problem when inexperienced neophyte Kim Laurie ran for County Commissioner without paying her dues. How dare she! What the GOP did to Kim Laurie was despicable. Her only crime was she would not endorse RINOs. She could not be controlled, and well “that just don’t go round here” in “Pay to Play” Lake County politics.

    But, the grand old party did embrace one Jerry Cirino, a man who had never held public office before running for County Commissioner. Why? He used that to his advantage in his campaign, “Jerry is a business man NOT a politician.” But now he has a problem with Citizen Massie speaking the truth…using a word that simply means novice? But Jerry that was part of your campaign so why the outrage now? Cirino’s hypocrisy is astounding.

    I’m with you Mr. Massie, it would be nice to have a Independent candidate who is NOT a politician or a member of the “pay to play” Lake County cabal. We need someone who is not beholden to the 2-party system, their donors, political consultants, or rich developers who don’t pay their property taxes.

    Don’t you find it intriguing that Commissioner Cirino is outraged over being called a novice but not by the FACT that the Port Authority did not have a budget for the Better Flip project and the thing is 100 percent over budget? Where is his outrage at that?

    Commissioner Cirino talks about how important the Port Authority is and all the projects and deals they are into…so he’s comfortable with what happened with the Better Flip, a minor project that was supposed to cost the taxpayer $150K. Why is he convinced that the same thing won’t happen with projects that involve millions? As a taxpayer, I’m not comfortable with that at all.

    I am not comfortable that the Port Authority, with it’s current Executive Director and current board, which does appear is guilty of nonfeasance based on what you have uncovered regarding the non-existent budget for the Better Flip Project, is capable or trustworthy enough to manage bigger projects. And if you are right about the possibility that they set the project costs via resolution to $150K to purposely avoid the competitive bidding process and are now 100% over budget…we all should be really concerned.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.”

    The fact that Commissioner Cirino seems unwilling to exercise the oversight given to him and the Board of County Commissioners by the Ohio Revised Code speaks volumes. At what point are the Board of Commissioners guilty of nonfeasance themselves?

    Personally, I think Commissioner Hamercheck is on an island because Commissioner Ron Young doesn’t appear to have a mind of his own…he just does whatever Commissioner Cirino tells him to. Something is not making sense here, and something stinks to high heaven…you guys just have not figured out where that stinky corpse is buried yet. Keep digging.

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