Follow-Up with Commissioner Hamercheck

We sent this email last week in an effort to resolve a huge discrepancy between what was told to Commissioner John Hamercheck and Lobbyists for Citizens by the Lake County Port Authority’s Executive Director, Mark Rantala, regarding a budget for the Better Flip project.


Commissioner Hamercheck:
This is a follow-up to last week’s commissioners’ meeting.
As you no doubt recall, there was a discrepancy created when Mr. Mark Rantala of the Port Authority provided a written statement to Lobbyists for Citizens stating that there was no document available that showed a detailed budget had been created for the Better Flip project.  You had indicated, very vociferously in the meeting, that Mr. Rantala had told you that a budget had been created.
We would like to know if you have met with Mr. Rantala regarding this discrepancy, and whether or not he has provided you with the budget document?
If he did provide you with a budget document, we are hereby requesting that Lobbyists for Citizens be provided a copy of said document.
Attached is our formal records request.
Thank you,
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 c (4) Non-Profit

We will let everyone know if and when we receive a response from the Commissioners’ office.  Since we are in serious waters, we expect the Prosecutor’s office to weigh in on this request.

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  1. John “Handsome” Hammercheck won’t let us down! True man of the people. Unlike Gerrymander Jerry, enemy of the people! Picking voters instead of the other way around. We the people demand a full on handsome off between Jerry and John, I will judge the swim suit competition ;)!


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