Lakeland Community College enrollment…falling fast..

Thanks to one of our many Kirtland lobbyists for this current information regarding enrollment at Lakeland Community College…..

Enrollment 7.2.2019
and from their Dean of Arts and Sciences we have this email…..

Hello, Arts and Sciences,

Happy Independence Day (belated)!  I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July.  Not many updates to pass along, but I will share these two quickly and will hold a few others until this coming week:

1.      Arts and Sciences: Helene is out this coming week.  Feel free to contact Jeri, Karen, or myself in the interim.

2.      College: Attached is the latest enrollment numbers as of 07/02/2019.  In summary, fall is trending down.  Right now we’re 6.1% down from last fall.  Please encourage your current/past students enroll.

I wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  Please be safe, have some fun, and get some rest.



(LFC Comments: We wonder if Morris Beverage and their Board are starting to panic yet? When we see them on Route 306 with flags waving potential students into their parking lots, we will know that they have “hit the wall”.  Using professors as recruiters seems a bit desperate.

What happens when they start raising tuition rates in the fall?  When do they start cutting back on the high priced help? )

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  1. Lakeland C.C….”enrollment still tanking” – Lobbyists for Citizens

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