LCC Enrollment Down….Naturally, need to increase tuition

Well that did not take long.  We just posted an article about the declining enrollment at Lakeland Community College, and then we get an announcement that they are raising their tuition!!!!

Tuition Increase for FY20 & FY21
“Subject to any limitations in the final approved state budget, Lakeland’s tuition will increase by $5 per credit hour for each of the 2019 – 2020 and 2020 – 2021 academic years.  The general fee, career services fee, and the support services fees will remain the same.

The tuition increase will allow Lakeland to continue to provide high quality academic programs and student support services designed to help more students reach their educational goals.

Lakeland’s annual tuition remains one of the lowest in Ohio.  Nearly half of Lakeland students received financial aid covering all of most of their tuition and student expenses. Financial aid packages will be adjusted and disbursed on August 1.

Students who have already registered and paid for fall 2019 semester classes will receive a bill for the additional amount.”

love of money image

(LFC Comment:  In addition, to raising fees they have the audacity to charge students, those that have already paid under the old fee structure, the increase in credit hour charge.  Hmmm, I guess a deal is not really a deal with Lakeland’s elite.  They believe in the golden rule…those with the gold, make the rules….and the peasants must pay.  Anyone hear of any cut-backs in the high priced help?— neither did we!)


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