LCC…..coming apart at the seams?

Our Kirtland lobbyists continue to keep us informed about what is happening at the local college. From these pictures, it would seem that Mr. Beverage and crew need to ensure that they keep up with the maintenance.

IMG_6464    IMG_6465

Would you look at the following statistics on enrollments.  The CCP enrollments are the high school students getting a “free education” on the backs of taxpayers.

We are wondering if the FY19 budget will have a few less high paid administrators.  We are still waiting to read a promised expose from a local newspaper on the severe imbalance in part-time professors pay versus the over-paid administrators.  Seems that the part-time professors are being abused, and their pay increases occur as often as the appearance of cicadas – every 17 years.

It seems that they are still serious on the addition of dorms…..we shall see…


College-wide updates and items:

·        Enrollments: As of Monday, July 9th, fall enrollment is down 4.1% in headcount and 6.3% down in credits.  We’re up 6.6% in CCP enrollments.

·        Budgets: FY19 budgets have been finalized, and FY20 budgets should be loaded if they have not already been loaded.  I met with each department chair last fiscal year to review each department budget, and I expect that all changes we proposed were implemented.  I will review and share details with your department chair.  If you ever have any questions, please ask me.

·        Campus updates: A few reminders – the parking lot and road around the E-building is closed; dorms will still be built, but we have delayed it a year to work with new companies that can stay within budget; the C/D-building hallway around classrooms C-1078 and C-1088 will be inaccessible from August 19-23 due to flooring work; the cement around the Clocktower is being repaired.

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