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Here is an opinion piece by one of our readers…..


I just read your latest post – bull’s eye !

The part time faculty issue is a national scandal, and Lakeland is one of the very worst offenders. The disparity between the pay of part time and full time faculty is unforgivable, to say nothing of the outrageous pay of administrators.The misuse of part time faculty is an ongoing source of resentment. Full timers feel threatened – if part time faculty perform capably for a fraction of the cost, what is the justification for full time salary and benefits ?

Regardless of the Administration braying to the contrary, LCC part time faculty are paid considerably less than the national average.

The staff has been cautioned to be on their best behavior because the organization that accredits colleges is about to visit.  If they only knew…..

(LFC Comment: Here is a little bit of history from our reader’s perspective)

By all accounts, Dr. Rodehorst was an outstanding administrator. He built Lakeland from scratch. At some point in the late 70’s he ran afoul of the trustees and was suspended. He returned to work, but in 1981, they conspired to dismiss him.

This was the beginning of LCC’s downward spiral, which was greatly accelerated by the so – called “presidency” of Ralph Doty. This  twelve year interlude has had disastrous consequences which define Lakeland to this day. For example, Morris Beverage was Doty’s idea.

Lakeland’s only hope of survival lies in the immediate departure of Beverage and his entourage. In the process, they should be outed and exposed for exactly what they are, and that goes double for the board of trustees.
fly in the ointment
(LFC Comment: And that ladies and gentlemen is the “hitch”, the “snag”, the “fly in the ointment”. Who has the “spine”, the courage, the “cajones” to address the problem?  Commissioner Cirino has checked out and may be thinking about ordering his Senate business cards.  Commissioner Young is there for ballast, give Cirino the second vote on issues, and Commissioner Hamercheck does not enjoy enough support he needs from the local Republican party because he is too much of a free thinker trying to do what is right.
This then leaves it up to one group – the citizens of Lake County!   LFC suggests starving LCC of any future funding by voting NO on all new or renewal property tax levies.
Hmmmm image
Hmmm, one last thought, we wonder who does the accreditation, and what criteria do they use?  That thought needs some follow-up and some investigation.
Stay tuned…..)

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  1. where can you find the salaries Lakeland Community College Administration/teachers, etc.


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