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One of our readers asked us if we have any knowledge about the administrative costs for Lakeland Community College?  It prompted us to research our archives for any information provided by the college.

Executive Compensation LCC

Double dipping image

By the way, the column titled “re-employed retiree” means those employees are also known as “double dippers”.  Not the kind that wants “two scoops of ice cream”, or those that “dip their potato chip more than once”, but rather they collect their pension and also get a handsome salary.  This perk is not generally available to the public sector collecting social security.

LCC Faculty Benefits

We also found this 2017 article by dealing with administration costs in 2 and 4 year colleges.

Lakeland Community 169 $11,506,977 $56,303,522 20.4%

Number of administrators 169 / Administrative Salaries $11,506,977 / Total Spending $56, 303,522 / Salaries are 20.4% of total expenditures.

Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth by the colleges about the article, but here is a suggestion for our Lakeland Community College.  If you are proud of your financial accomplishments, and believe that you are being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money, why not publish a report for the Lake County taxpayers that provides total transparency with salaries and benefits for ALL your full-time, part-time professors, administrative staff, and support personnel.  Speak up and be proud of your accomplishments  We will let the taxpayers be the final judge and jury.

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