Willoughby-Eastlake School Levy…Just say NO

Here is an opinion expressed in the News-Herald about Seniors and property tax levies.

Voting no on W-E Schools levy:

I have never had children in the Willoughby-Eastlake School system, but have always gone out on voting day and supported the schools by voting yes for the levies.

I understand that having a good school system is important to the cities.

However, I picked up the paper the other day and noticed the article about “early voting begins for Aug. 6 school levy.”

My first reaction was that they were trying to sneak it in. My second reaction was … not again! We just passed a levy that created three new top of- the-line schools for students.

I understand that levy was only for the construction of those schools (and they were needed) but if you were going to be in financial straits why did we?

Many people like me are on a fixed income. Our Social Security rarely goes up. Our taxes however, keep going up. (emphasis by LFC)

Also, from what I understand (I could be wrong) there is no ending date on this levy.

So does that mean you can renew it without have the taxpayers vote on it?

I am voting no for this levy and urging people I know to also vote no.

Laurel Kantz Eastlake Editor’s note: The Willoughby-Eastlake School District levy on the Aug. 6 ballot is a continuing levy. It will not require renewal.  (emphasis added by LFC)

(LFC Comment: Taxpayers are starting to wake up to what we have been saying for quite some time about the ever increasing property taxes.  For the Willoughby-Eastlake school superintendent, Steve Thompson, to place a CONTINUING LEVY, on a special election during the summer when taxpayers may not be watching close enough, is in our opinion, shameful.)

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  1. They must have learned from Riverside how to sneak these Levy’s in.


    • Hi, i just want to share a little story of my experience with this levy and how it is affecting me. Its my first year of marching band and i’ve enjoyed it a lot! Then school season started and I personally didn’t know they had an August levy. But the November levy broke me the most. Its hard that your parents can’t attend your band concert because it is during school and only students can go too. I may just be some kid that doesn’t really know about taxes. But please the band is getting affected by this the most. We have so much fun making music for the football games, were all nice people. You may have to pay more taxes, but please. Find it in your heart to give the band, clubs, theater what they need to live. Me saying this, if band is gone, I dont know what to do with my life, it would just be blank. I hope this somewhat changed someones mind.


  2. Today at 12:15 p.m. on 1330 a.m. and 101.5 f.m.,  Superintendent Thompson is the guest. The discussion will be the August 6th levy vote.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  3. Ask Superintendent Thompson why he allowed the treasurer to tell two groups of citizens, that were attending meetings about the levy, that the cost of the levy was only 43,000 dollars. They mislead the groups by failing to inform them that this number is only the first part of the cost. Once the ballot is finished, the school system will owe the voting commission approximately another 20,000 dollars. Making the real cost of the special election around 63,000. Which was the price first mentioned by attendees at the school board meeting and the special levy meeting.


  4. This is a permanent increase and as Steve Thompson said “They will be back for four more increases” When will the school be accountable. We need someone to step in and figure what is going on. They need an audit. Please say No!


  5. where can we get vote no yard signs for the upcoming election


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