CDBG….Your Chance to Provide Input

Calling all budding community activists….Now is your chance to provide some input to the Lake County Commissioners.  We have been reviewing the requests from the various groups in Lake County that would like a share of  the Community Development Block Grants distributed to our community from the federal government Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Here is a schedule of the entities and the amounts that they have requested.  LFC has started a preliminary checklist on who we think deserves some consideration, but we would like to hear from our readers since we may be missing some vital information about the entity that is providing tremendous contributions to the community.

Community Development Block Grant Schedule 2019

Keep in mind that the Commissioners will have their pet projects, and may use the funding source to buy some loyalty if they happen to be running for higher office.

You can write some comments on this article, or you can email me directly at

We will summarize all comments received and they will impact the final results that we will send to the Lake County Commissioners.  They say the public has input in this process, so let’s take them up on it.

LFC intends to recommend that the Forbes House receive a significant distribution.They are a very worthy Lake County women’s shelter that is getting the shaft from Kim Fraser, Executive Director of the ADAMHS Board.  Ms. Fraser is supporting WomenSafe of Geauga County rather than our own Lake County’s Forbes House.




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