Follow-up with the State Auditor’s Office

We followed-up with the State of Ohio Auditor’s office. We wanted to be sure that the received our first message regarding the current problems in the Lake County Auditor’s office.  Here is the email we sent to them:

This is a follow-up to today’s telephone conversation.
Lobbyists for Citizens is a 501 ( c) (4) Non-Profit promoting honesty and transparency at all levels of government.
We are very concerned about an on-going problem within the Lake County Auditor’s office.  The link below shows the News-Herald article that finally admits that there is an ongoing problem with their new software.
We are not assigning blame or alleging fraud, but we believe that they do not have the expertise in-house to solve the problem.
We have been aware of the problem for quite some time. We first heard of the problem when we attended a Riverside School Board meeting many months ago.  We attended Riverside’s meeting this week and heard that the payments to all the Lake County schools are estimates and that the County Auditor has had to calculate interest to be paid for late payments.  We wanted to give the new Auditor time to get acclimated, and hoped that the problems would be corrected.
We realize that  the entire property tax calculation is extremely complex. We have no confidence that the calculations of the taxpayers’ property taxes are accurate, since we know that the payments to schools are incorrect.  Perhaps they are two separate issues, but we, as taxpayers, do not know the details of the entire process.
We would like to have the State Auditor’s office investigate this matter and assure the Lake County taxpayers that everything is 100% correct at the Lake County Auditor’s office.
Thank you,
Brian Massie
Executive Director
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 ( c) (4) Non-Profit
Here is the reply from the State’s Audit Division:

Thank you for submitting your complaint to the Auditor of State’s Office.  We appreciate your honest concern for holding government officials accountable.  If necessary our office will contact you to obtain further information.

If you have any questions or new information regarding your complaint, please contact the Auditor of State’s Public Integrity Assurance Team at 1-866-FRAUD OH.


We will keep everyone posted as we receive additional information.

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  1. Does the money paid for interest on late payments come from my left pocket or my right pocket?

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  1. Lake County Auditor…Not Accountable to State – Lobbyists for Citizens

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