Community Activism…disrespecting citizens can be expensive

Thanks to a Portage patriot for this article regarding a Bratenahl resident that refused to give up when she knew she was right, and their city officials violated the law.  It is an expensive lesson for the city officials.

Note to Lake County officials:  Please take the Open Meetings Act and the issue of secret ballots seriously.  For the record, a lawsuit has been filed against the Lake County Commissioners and the Lake County visitors Bureau for violation of Ohio’s Open Meeting Act.  Commissioner Jerry Cirino kicked a citizen out of a meeting held by two Commissioners and the Visitors Bureau Board President Amy Sabath (Sabath is also a political consultant for Cirino), the then Executive Director, Scott Dockus, and a host of other Visitors Bureau representatives.  Cirino stated that nothing was to be decided at the meeting, and it is not a public meeting.

Major award image

With this amazing lack of honesty and transparency as his hallmark, Cirino wants to be your next State senator.  He is in the running for LFC’s 2019 Chutzpah Award.  It is a major award Jerry….

Oh by the way….
Regarding the ‘Secret Ballot’ issue, here is our letter we handed to the Ohio Secretary of State, Mr. Frank LaRose, in Columbus.  It deals with the appointment of Mr. Chris Galloway (political consultant, par excellence, of Jerry Cirino) as the Lake County Auditor by the Lake County Republican Party. We shall see how Mr. LaRose answers our complaints. We know that he was at the new Board of Elections office for the grand opening the other day.  Wonder what was discussed?
2019-09 Auditor Appointment by Secret Ballot – Ohio SOS

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