Lakeland Community College…”here they grow”..

Thanks to one of our Kirtland lobbyists for this report regarding Lakeland Community College’s expansions plans to be in-line with their declining enrollment…huh?:

A multi million dollar building that will cost the college and taxpayers nothing – is that possible?  What about the costs of the infrastructure to get to the building?  Will the students’ rent pay 100% of the operating costs of the facility?

They can’t pass a levy or take care of the buildings they have. How can this possible be self-sustaining?

We are eagerly awaiting their announcement for a renewal levy next year – and switching it to a continuous levy.  Note to the LCC trustees – citizens are on to the deception of continuous levies.  We suggest that you have a ‘Plan B’ in place if you try to pass it.

We will send a records request for the market study that is mentioned in their article below.  We will also ask for any analysis done that demonstrates that this student housing will not cost the taxpayers a dime.


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