Selling Babies Body Parts & Organs…are you ok with that?

Thanks to the Anonymous One for this shocking revelation.

“It’s a Matter of Life…”

It is now an open “secret”.  Planned Parenthood sells body parts and organs from murdered preborn babies.

Think about this: If Planned Parenthood were selling puppy body parts, they would have been closed down yesterday. But it’s not puppy body parts. It is human body parts.

Planned Parenthood and those who buy these parts must be stopped. This ghoulish practice cannot be permitted to continue.

(LFC Comment: It is incomprehensible to us that this is acceptable in a ‘civilized’ society.  So exactly when did we lose our soul, our humanity, our ability to discern right from wrong?)

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  1. Oh and it’s a BIG business too. These people are sick…they must be removed from civilized society…permanently.

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