Better Flop to be Sold at Auction…

Thanks to our Mentor lobbyist for this information:

Last Chance! Don’t Miss This!

Over 1,800 people have visited the Better Flip demonstration project at 557 East 305th Street in Willowick this Summer.  They have one last weekend to tour the home.  This Saturday October 12th from 12-3 and Sunday October 13th from 1-4.
It is an opportunity for owners of 1950’s bungalows to see ideas on how to update their 1950’s floor plans as “open concept homes”.  The Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority along with the Lake County Land Bank renovated this bungalow to encourage reinvestment in the Western Suburbs.
The house will be offered at sealed bid on Monday October 21st at the offices of the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority at 100 pm.  Bids close at noon on the 21st.
Bid packages are available at the Better Flip on the 12th or 13th or at offices of the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority during regular office hours from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm on October 14th – October 18th.  Minimum bid is established at $ 160,000.
(LFC Comments: It is our understanding that the Lake County Land Bank gave the property  to the Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority at no cost.  The Port Authority under the direction of Mark Rantala, Executive Director, and Art Lindrose, Chairman of their Board, spent $299,000 on this project.  It is their position that any amount received at the auction under the $299,000 will be written off as marketing costs.
Commissioners Jerry Cirino and Ron Young have expressed total support for the Port on this project.  They were not concerned that the project had no budget, although Lindrose said that one should be prepared BEFORE the project was to start.  They were not even curious why the Port Board established the initial spending limit at $150,000. (the State limit to avoid competitive bidding) If this is Cirino’s and Young’s idea of being fiscally conservative, and good stewards of the taxpayer’s money, then we are not impressed.
We have filed a complaint with the State of Ohio Auditor’s office.
blowing taps
Side note to elected officials and bureaucrats:  When you cannot come through on the big deals for the large donors, you will be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper, and your past sins will be highlighted.  The donations to your re-election campaign dries up, the party treats you like a pariah, and retirement comes earlier than you expected. Mr. Rantala, we bid you adieu..)

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  1. At even $160 thousand this house is a flop. Typical case of people in charge wasting our money. $299 thousand spent shows our elected officials have had a brain malfunction. The FLYING FICKLE FINGER OF FATE to them👎


  2. It’s worse than that…the entirety of the port board is guilty of nonfeasance…OR they purposely tried to avoid competitive bidding. I’m no lawyer, but I believe that purposely circumventing competitive bidding is illegal.


  3. Isn’t this something like what we are seeing at the federal level? That 2-tiered system of justice. One of the people (slaves/peasants) and one for the ivory tower crowd and their donors and minions. I just never thought this kind of thing happened at the local level. You keep saying that the State doesn’t have our back…so what do we do? How do we demand equal justice? I mean something this obvious and the Commissioners do nothing? This is really bad. I’m so upset. I thought that the corruption had not reached the local level. It seems that perhaps the government at the local level is just as corrupt as it is in D.C. So bad…just terrible!


    • In our opinion, there needs to be a re-awakening of the citizenry. They need to get engaged with their local communities and to hold elected officials and the bureaucrats accountable. We would like to see citizen activist groups in every county in the country – not concerned about either political party, but to ensure that the laws are followed. What we see happening is that the system is set up to force the citizens to spend big bucks fighting the corruption through our court system. Somehow we need retired patriots with legal expertise to join in the fight. To date, we have not found any that are interested. As they say….it is all about the “benjamins”, and no concern for saving our great Republic for future generations.


  4. This headline should read “better flop to be attempted to be sold at auction” For a house to be “sold” at auction it must sell. I have my doubts that anyone will pony up the minimum bid price. Hope I am wrong.


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