Proposed Property Tax Legislation…updated 10/15/19

We have found a piece of legislation proposed by State Senator Kristna Roegner (District 27 – Akron area) dealing with property taxes. SB No 216 proposed bill

“To amend sections 319.302 and 5705.211 and to enact sections 323.1510 and 4503.0612 of the Revised Code to allow school districts to exempt recipients of the existing homestead exemption from additional school district taxes.”

We have sent an email to Ms. Roegner asking for a summary of the proposed legislation. It would be great if we could get State Representative Callender and Senator Eklund thinking about property taxes.

The legislation contains the phrase  “to allow school districts”.   We find it hard to believe that school districts will be in favor of exempting anyone from paying property taxes, but we will try to get better educated on the proposed legislation.

We will keep everyone informed as we learn more about this legislation.

Updated: 10/15/19

Here is the response from Semator Roegner’s office:

My name is Ryan and I work in the Office of Senator Kristina Roegner. Thank you for taking the time to write the Senator regarding SB216.

We agree with you! SB216 opens an avenue for districts to further lower seniors’ tax burden if they so choose. If SB216 were to be passed into law, local Boards of education could vote to extend the Homestead Exemption to levies which aren’t currently covered. For your reference,

I have attached a copy of the bill, the underlined section is the new parts that Sen. Roegner is looking to add to the ORC.  Let me know if you have any further questions!
sb216_00_IN (1)


Ryan Culross
Legislative Aide
State Senator Kristina Roegner


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7 replies

  1. We seniors on a fixed income need this legislation to become reality.Senitor Roegner should be thanked for starting this excellent legislation. Thank you Senator Kristina Roegner.


  2. My wife and I have said this for years — when is enough – enough ? We have been paying taxes for schools for the past 65 years…


  3. Good idea, however, I agree with Mr. Massie that any school district would exempt anyone from paying property taxes


    • Linda, Dick Here is the info I talked with you two about at breakfast yesterday. I plan to send a letter to State Senator Kristina Roegner, thanking her for her efforts and understanding the need for this legislation. Ron |

      commented: “Good idea, however, I agree with Mr. Massie that any school district would exempt anyone from paying property taxes” | |


  4. This would be great for the seniors , keep the heat turned up !


  5. Having retired from a school system I don’t see any district that would exempt anyone from paying taxes for their schools. However maybe we should look at the fact that the current way Ohio schools are funded was declared unconstitutional some 40 years ago. We need to change this.


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