Death of a Nation…one illegal at a time


Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty of turning their backs on the loss of our nation state.  It is all about power, money and greed.  Democrats want new voters and the Republicans and their Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor.

Here is an article from our Kirtland lobbyist that spells it out for anyone that cares to open their eyes and ears to what is happening.

The next time a politician wants you to vote for him or her,  ask them what are they going to do about illegal immigration, and why don’t they care about the sovereignty of our great country?

Do not be surprised if they say: “I cannot do anything about illegal immigration – its not my job!   They are either with us, or they are against us.  It is time to start pushing back!

You see, President Trump is the only one that cares about saving this country by speaking out, and fighting the globalists that have a one world government as the ultimate goal.

The  freedoms and liberties of the average citizen are not negotiable, and are worth fighting the socialists and communists that want to take them from us.

The Watchmen on the Wall are sounding the alarms.   We are tired of the local politicians that are just worried about their own fiefdoms, and not standing up for the average American.

Do you care about your freedom, or will you be sheep and  “just go along to get along”; and are you willing to trade your freedom for “security”?

Categories: Corruption, Free Speech Zone, Illegal Aliens


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