Beverage vs Thompson…mano a mano, but taxpayers get bruised

Lakeland Community College spent $68 million on a Health Technology Center.  They have a state of the art training facility for nurses of all disciplines.

We just discovered that the Willoughby – Eastlake school district has a LPN nursing program for their students.   Check out this page from the W-E website.

Admissions Requirements – High School LPN Program

We think we found out a reason why Morris Beverage, President of LCC, and Steve Thompson, Superintendent of W-E schools,  are not exchanging Christmas cards.

They are in competition with each other.  W-E does not use Lakeland’s facilities for their College Credit Plus program, and wants their students to stay “in house” for a nursing program.

facepalm image

This is a HUGE waste of taxpayer funds, and we want all Lake County taxpayers to know that something is wrong.  One would think that before LCC spent $68 million on their Health Technology Center that they would have had all of the Lake County schools on board to use the facilities.  W-E has the largest enrollment in Lake County.

And guess who benefits?  The very profitable “hospital non-profits” have a steady stream of new nurses.  Morris and the gang at LCC have a beautiful, but under-utilized facility,  and good old Superintendent Steve Thompson gets to tell senior citizens that they should have planned better for their retirement. (Oh yes Steve, there is more to come on this subject tomorrow – we promise!)

taxpayer screwed 2

Guess what that means for the taxpayers in the Willoughby-Eastlake school district?  YOU GET TO PAY TWICE WITH YOUR PROPERTY TAXES FOR TWO NURSING PROGRAMS!!!!


Morris and Steve, mano a mano, while the Lake County taxpayers get bruised and priced out of their homes they have worked all their lives to achieve.


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  1. Keep this information flowing as I learned that apparently I am a poor planning senior citizen who should now pack up and sell. I guess if we seniors all did that, then who would support the W-E schools, as we constitute a large majority of homeowners. He’ll be left with renters/immigrants and section 8 housing people — GOOD LUCK!!

    I might add Mr. Thompson personally told me I didn’t know how to read my tax bill suggesting I was also stupid even though I am quite well educated, worked for over 40 years in business management/law. I certainly did plan for retirement, but did NOT, however, count on enormous taxes to support D students because of an ignorant condescending pious failure of a superintendent. From what I understand these comments are quite typical — ask anyone who attended the Willoughby Council Meetings.


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