The Liberal Mentality…feelings, nothing more than feelings

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The Liberal Mentality

Written by Jeffrey Beck of Euclid, Ohio

Q: How do you know you’re arguing with a liberal?
A:1) They’re always wrong
A:2) They’re adamant about it

Q: How do you know when you’ve won an argument with a liberal?
A: They start name calling instead of defending their position

Recently,  I had such an encounter with an individual who parades a  picture of Trump on his FB page, but is clearly more in line “feeling the Bern”


Let me back up a little. I have written before about our fight keeping RITA out of Euclid. I have a friend who lives in Salem, OH. who informed me that they are going through the same issue there and a group is gathering signatures to put the RITA issue on their ballot. Sounds simple. We had a pretty contentious election season with this issue in Euclid but during the signature gathering phase ( the referendum petition) we were pretty much left alone. People knew that the right to redress our government is guaranteed in the constitution and that putting an issue, any issue, before the voters is a far cry from actually casting a vote on said issue.

Which brings me to a Facebook page titled “Of, by, and for the Taxpayers Salem”. My friend told me about this page so I took a peak. I was shocked by the vitriolic hatred and name calling of people simply gathering referendum petition signatures. Now I don’t know the name of the individual who I was posting with because they hid behind the FB name moniker ( the same happened in Euclid during the campaign).

In full disclosure, I don’t even know if I was dealing with an adult or a child. This individual exhibited all the immaturity of a child, but seemed to bare the intense hatred of a failed adult. In any case, after reading the line after line of name calling without articulating a position on the issue I am left to assume the issue doesn’t matter, only the act of trying to redress government.

This is not the stance of a conservative (that Trump picture I mentioned above), but more in line with a socialist looking to take voters’ rights away ( feel the Bern). Now go back and look at the Facebook pages name “Of, by, and for the Taxpayers Salem”. It sounds like they should be out helping gather signatures rather than attempting to stop the process. But I guess if murdering unborn babies can be called “Pro Choice” this page can try and fool people with a supposedly supportive name.

I hope Salem succeeds in getting the RITA issue on the ballot. Whether the people are ultimately for or against it, the work put forth by the referendum group needs to be applauded. And Facebook pages and those who hide behind them need to be swept into the dustbin of history.

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