The Party of Death Rules…on abortion, that is

The following is correspondence with Katherine Sears, the Communications Director for Congressman Dave Joyce:

Hello, Ms. Sears:

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Your name was given to us by Ryan Kelly of Representative Joyce’s Mentor office.  We are trying to determine Rep. Joyce’s position on support for a Louisiana bill regarding a pro-life issue.  As we understand it, the bill would require abortion doctors to be no more than 30 minutes away from a hospital, just in case a woman’s life may be in jeopardy during an abortion.

Katherine C. Sears
Communications Director
Congressman Dave Joyce (OH-14)
O: 202-549-2679 | C: 626-376-3148

Thanks for reaching out. had a similar inquiry. You can see what my response was to them here:

Feel free to attribute the following quote to me for your article: “Congressman Joyce has always been and will continue to be pro-life. While he typically does not sign onto legal briefs that outside parties send to federal courts, Dave’s strong stance defending the rights of the unborn remains unchanged.”

You can also find his most recent rating from the National Right to Life Committee, which was 100%, here:


We also checked with the website for the National Abortion Rights League and found that Congressman Joyce is rated as 0% – meaning he does not support abortion.

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Generally, it is the Democrat Party Representatives that are  completely behind the abortion rights.  So from now on, we will just refer to them the “Party of Death & Dismemberment”!

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