Jane Timken…lies, deceptions & betrayal


(LFC Comments: Thanks to our Concord lobbyist for this eye-opening article on yet another betrayal by the Republican Party.  What is so damaging is who is betraying the Ohio citizens.  It is a given that Mike DeWine betrays us, but now Jane Timken, Ohio GOP spokeswoman, has taken the step to double down on Mikey’s betrayal.)

The Ohio Republican Party may want to adopt a new image.  Here is one we suggest:

stab in the back

Here is the article from the Ohio Star:

Some excerpts from the article:

At a policy level, Timken’s defense was flat out wrong in a number ways.

Timken said, falsely: “Accusations that the federal government is letting dangerous individuals into the country through poor vetting are no longer accurate.” (LFC Comment:  So the Republican Party does not care about the safety of U.S. Citizen…well that will be a nice addition to their platform.)

Misleading Timken statement: “Much of the direct cost to help resettle refugees is paid by faith based groups, such as Catholic Charities, who do the resettlement work, as well as federal programs.”  (LFC Comment: 4 Pinocchios on this one, the Federal government is showering the Catholic Charities with tens of millions of dollars for the Refugee Resettlement Program –  that is not charity) 

False Timken statement: “An example of someone who would be able to seek refugee status would be a Christian in China who is being persecuted by the Chinese government for her religious beliefs.” (LFC Comment:  Janey, say it ain’t so)

Misleading Timken statement: “There are strategies designed to assimilate refugees quickly, including a requirement that they get a Green Card within one year. It is important we balance this longstanding policy of helping refugees with being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”  (LFC Comment:  What a crock…”good steward of the taxpayer dollars”..good one Janey)

Misleading Timken statement: “Assimilated refugees are not taking jobs from job-seeking Ohioans.” (LFC Comment: Now this must be the hand of the Chamber of Commerce in action, looking to suppress wages.)

no principles

(LFC Comments:  One has to wonder who is adding to the coffers of the Republican Party that would cause seemingly nice, honest people to sell out their principles.  We have always wondered how the money is laundered. But wait…maybe we are being naive…that is it…how could we be so stupid...THEY HAVE NO PRINCIPLES, and would sell out their mother for a few bucks and power!)…

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  1. The Democratic Party sold out after john Kennedy for the big bucks and lies they are now and have been based on deception, lies, insider trading ( that’s how they go in with thousands and come out million and billionaires ).
    Now some of the dirty lying Republican Party are playing follow the leader. It is all about the power and money, and always have been. We are feeding in Washington a lot of dirty bastagins and we’re the 🏧 and absolutely have no say in the matter. Vote them out you say, GOOD LUCK ON THAT FOLKS.


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