Jason Wuliger…some questions for him

We never did receive a response from our original email to Mr. Wuliger.  We have another question for the candidate for Lake County Commissioner.

Since Jason Wuliger is an announced candidate for Lake County Commissioner, we thought it appropriate to send him an email with some questions that we would like answered.  We will update this article when he sends us his responses.

If any our our readers have questions for Mr. Wuliger dealing with Lake County issues, please send them to us and we will send them to him.

Hello, Jason:
Thank you for stopping by our Mentor City Fest booth. We appreciate your kinds words, and the encouragement to continue spreading the truth in Lake County.  Your statements about the need to promote Lake County wine industry falls in line with statements we have heard from other Lake County officials.  With the existing turmoil in the Visitors Bureau, we cannot help but think that something is underway – perhaps combining the Ashtabula and Lake County Visitors Bureau.
Were are curious about your position on several issues that have concerned us during the current term of Commissioners Cirino, Young and Hamercheck.
(1) What is your position regarding the R.C. Section 121.22 – The Open Meetings Act?  If elected Commissioner, what can the Lake County citizens expect from you regarding the general public attending meetings?
(2) We have attached the letter we wrote, with corresponding exhibits, to the Auditor of the State of Ohio regarding the Lake County Port Authority’s conduct during the implementation the ‘Better Flip’ project.  We ask that you express a written opinion on whether the letter has any merit, and how would you have handled the situation if you were commissioner at the time the incident occurred.
(3) What will you do to stop the ever increasing property taxes that are pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes?
(4) Will you as commissioner determine the financial need of any political sub-division before a property tax levy is placed on the ballot.
(5) Will you as commissioner determine the financial need of any non-profit requesting CDBG funds before you approve those distributions?
(6) Will you as commissioner review the cash reserves of all political sub-divisions to ensure that there are no excess cash reserves being accumulated?
(7) New question:  How do you plan to help the 650 Lake County manufacturers meet their needs for new and qualified employees?  Are you willing to stand up to the Lakeland Community College board, and demand that they stop shunning the Lake County manufacturers that are so vital to the economic stability and grow of the County?
Please be advised that your written responses will be posted to our website so that all Lake County voters may read your statements.
Thank you,
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit

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4 replies

  1. Brian, great questions and I look forward to your answers. What is the issue between. LCC and the manufacturers in our region? Attracting and keeping manufacturing companies here should be a high priority. Also interested in your view of the school levy renewal. Tim


    • Tim, we will be meeting with the Riverside Superintendent and CFO tomorrow (2/4). We have uncovered something not previously reported about the Lake County Financing District, but before we report our findings we would like to hear from the school administrators. Sorry, for being vague at this time, but it will all make sense in a few days.


  2. Has Jason ever bothered to respond to your questions? It’s been 6 months. Not a good look for Mr. Wuliger


    • No, Mr. Wuliger appears to be ignoring us. This is just a guess, but his mentor, Jerry Cirino, is probably advising him to avoid LFC like the plague. We plan to do an article on Mr. Wuliger. It would be better if he at least attempted to show that he is concerned about the average citizen in Lake County. and not use the Commissioners position as a stepping stone to higher office as his mentor has done. Commissioner John Hamercheck displays the correct attitude, concern for the average citizen, and a work ethic that we prefer in our Commissioners.


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