Moral Relativism…post modern religions..ah, the deceptions

free speech zone(LFC Comments: From our friend Tom Niewulis, we learn about Moral Relativism in this article.  When we hear someone say that you have your “truths” and I have my “truths”, we know that deception is at hand.)

Modern Political Theology – Opening Pandora’s Box

In the January 11, 2020 program I opened with a litany of new religious theologies that have replaced Christianity as our Foundation of the nation. The escapades of the deamoncrat presentation of impeachment is the prime example of the religion of relativism operating under its doctrine of “make it up as you go”.

Of the Post-modern religions, ‘Relativism’ seems to be the most utilized. Defining it is simple as noted in the last paragraph yet philosophers and theologians alike will rally around this plethoric perspective authored by Gilbert Harman, Princeton University, June 2012:

Moral relativism, as I have come to understand it in the light of Cornell Moral Realism.

 [LFC Input: Cornell realism accepts the view that moral facts are natural facts]

is the claim that there is not a single objectively true morality but only many different moralities, just as there is not a single true language but only many different languages. Different people may have different moralities as reflected in the way they act and the ways they react to the actions of others and there is no objective way to show that one of these moralities is the only correct one. An account of what a morality is and what it is to have a particular morality might resemble David Lewis’ account of what a language is and what it is to have a language. Moral theory might emulate current linguistic theory in various ways. However, moral relativism is not a semantic claim about how to understand moral judgments. For example, it is not the view that a moral judgments is implicitly relational with a hidden parameter representing the morality in relation to which the judgment is made. To repeat: moral relativism is the claim that that there is not a single objectively true morality but only many different moralities.”  [emphasis added by LFC: This is the deception!]

This is what we must consider in the shifting norms of Political Theology in local, county, state and the national levels of law making as well as in the courts. Laws are not laws since they are only ‘relative’ to those who consider the law a law. Confused yet?

Well, the Founders considered Absolutes in the Foundation of America and US Constitutionalism.

(LFC Opinion:  At the rate that we are “progressing” the Bible may be reduced to a single page of “bullet points” that offers suggestions, or guidelines rather than commandments.  Just saying….we are on the wrong path.)

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