Students Can Regress with Wrong Type of Instruction

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(LFC Comments: We view the educational system as an integral part of a successful society, and therefore, try to read any article dealing with education.  Thanks to contributor Donna Garner for making us aware of this scholarly work on the impact of teaching methods.  We wonder if the Ohio State Board of Education ever reads this type of research?)

“Students Can Regress with Wrong Type of Instruction”
From Donna Garner
For parents, educators, education policymakers, and all those who are involved with the teaching of students: This research-based article (complete with numerous scientific endnotes) should be the “gold standard” because it explains how the brain works using long-term memory and short-term memory. This article was written in 2012, but the structure of the brain in 2020 has not changed. The way people learn is the same because of the cognitive functions built into the brain. The truly alarming point raised in this article is that using the wrong type of instruction with students can even cause them to regress and suffer a loss of learning.
For deep learning to take place, “teachers should provide students with clear, explicit instruction rather than merely assisting students in attempting to discover knowledge for themselves.”
“Putting Students on the Path to Learning: The Case for Fully Guided Instruction” – by Richard E. Clark, Paul A. Kirschner, and John Sweller – American Educator Spring 2012 —

Click to access Clark.pdf

Click to access Clark.pdf

Click to access Clark.pdf

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