How to Vote for a Write-in Candidate

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We have signed up to be a poll worker again on March 17, 2020.  While attending a class given by our outstanding Lake County Election Board personnel, the concept of  “Write In” candidates was discussed.  We wanted to pass along what we have learned from the Election Board.

First, here are the primary Democrat and Republican ballots that will appear on the March 17th ballot.

Democratic Primary Ballot 3-17-20

Reppublican Primary Ballot 3-17-20

Here are the valid write-ins on the ballot: [VLM = Voting Location Manager]

Write in Candidates for March 17 election

When you go to your polling location you will be asked which party ballot you wish to receive.  If you do not claim either the Democrat or Republican ballot, you cannot vote for any candidates, and  only may vote on issues on the ballot for your district.

The Lake County Election Board still needs volunteers.  Please think about being a poll worker, and contact the Board of Elections. Phone: (440) 350-2700



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