It’s a Matter of Life…speak up

“It’s A Matter of Life…”
Written by “Anonymous One”

roe vs wade
The awful end game when a court of men decided 47 years ago to grant property ownership of small, helpless human beings to their mothers so that they may judge them worthy of life or death is upon us.


Waste hauling image

Aborted Fetuses


“Legally” dehumanizing these human beings was the beginning of the full-throttle of the barbarism we have now, among which is abortion doctors hoarding the tiny bodies of those they were paid to terminate.

(LFC Add:

selling baby parts

And the,  unimaginable to decent people, grisly practice of selling the murdered babies or their body parts.


praying hands

For allowing these hideous practices to exist in our nation we beg forgiveness.  Individually, we pray for the strength to have the courage   to end our apathy and indifference to this evil and to speak up.



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