LakeTran photo op for “he who shall not be named”…

(LFC Comments:  Thanks to our Painesville Township lobbyist for this LakeTran article. As we continued to look at the photograph with all the politicians grinning from ear to ear, we could not but help realize that this was all staged.  Yes, they think we are stupid.)


“Lake County community officials review Laketran’s Route 8 design options. From left is Mentor Director of Economic Development Kevin Malecek; Lake County Commissioner “he who shall not be named” ; Lake County commissioner candidate Jason Wuliger; Mentor Councilman John Krueger; and Mentor-on-the-Lake Council President Desirea Thompson.”

facepalm image

We seem to remember LakeTran selling the increase in the sales tax, which will bring in more than $9 million into their coffers, based on increasing the “dial-a-ride” service for seniors.  Now they want citizens’ input on what new routes they should start.  Seems to us that they should have figured that out in the beginning.  This new approach is saying to us – “Now we have an extra $9 million, now lets figure out how to spend it”.

jason wuliger pic

By the way, we see Mr. Wuliger broadly smiling in the picture.  No doubt, it looks like he has “he who shall not be named”s  back in this picture and in the run for the Senate.  We are still waiting for him to answer our questions posed in the two emails sent to him.  Is he a man of the people, or just another politician with a lot of ambition?

Hmmmm image


Does anyone have any idea what Malecek is pointed to on the map?…we have some guesses, but we would like to hear from our readers.


pulling back the curtain
Interestingly, Malecek loses his Commissioners job and ends up as Economic Director for Mentor. The good old boy network is on full display in Lake County.  The cabal takes care of each other – regardless of party.

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