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(LFC Comments:  We received notification that the Willoughby-Eastlake School District had not paid the total costs of last year’s special election.  We went to the Election Board to get the truth.  Here is the response from Ross McDonald, Director of the Lake County Elections Board.  Thank you Ross for his honesty and complete transparency.  He is a real asset to Lake County.)

Ross McDonald Board of Elections

Ross McDonald

Here is Mr. McDonald’s response:

Willoughby-Eastlake City School District has paid their remaining balance of the August 6, 2019, Special Election, so no, not true. What I believe you were provided was the letter we sent them after the August 6, 2019 Special Election was conducted, which indicated that they still owed $32,017.42.

I want to provide a summary of how special election charges are assessed:

  1. Each year the Board of Elections completes a Special Election Cost Estimation workbook to establish a per precinct cost estimate.
  2. If a subdivision resolves to hold a special election, they must prepay 65% of the estimated cost to conduct the special election within 10 days after the filing deadline.
  3. After the special election, we determine the “true and accurate” cost of conducting the special election. If we find that the true cost was more than their 65% prepayment, we charge them the remaining balance.
  4. W-E Schools deposited $43,937.39 prior to the election. The actual cost of the election was $75,954.81. Accordingly, their remaining balance was $32,017.42, which they have paid in full.

Hope this clears up the misinformation.


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