Constitutional Sheriff…why we need one!


LFC plans to be at the Geauga meeting, and will report our findings to our readers.  As you all know, we have a Sheriff in Lake County.  The current office holder is Frank Leonbruno.  By all accounts, he is a fine community servant, but we will have to determine if he is a Constitutional Sheriff.

If the federal or state government goes sideways and tries to confiscate our guns in violation of the Second Amendment, the Constitutional Sheriff is supposed to tell them that it is unconstitutional and that they should take a hike.

Before he was appointed to replace Dan Dunlap, we tried to ask Sheriff Leonbruno questions to determine his position on the second Amendment, and we were less than thrilled with his responses.  At a Lake County Central Committee meeting last year, we heard Sheriff Leonbruno makes this statement in answer to a question:  “I will always follow the law”…it was met with a thunderous applause from the audience.  We were not impressed, and thought: “Isn’t that a given for a law enforcement officer?”

Before the November election, Sheriff Leonbruno may want to sharpen up his answer to the questions:  “Are you a Constitutional Sheriff, and will you have our back if the feds or the State of Ohio tries to take away our guns?”

Note to the Sheriff: We will be asking you again those questions that you previously dodged, and will be reporting them to our Lake County readers before the November election.


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