Lakeland CC…I have an “IDEO” for your Hive…

(LFC Comments: We were asked by a Lake County resident to find out how much Lakeland Community College paid to a design consulting company known as IDEO.

Although the response we received from their attorney, Mr. Fisher, does not state it, we were told by several sources that IDEO helped design the “Hive”.  This was the space that had to be filled up when the agreement with Lake Health hospital collapsed for some unknown reason.  Regretfully, it seems that the Administration did not have an “iron clad” agreement with Lake Health before they started the whole health services project.

It is also  unfortunate that LCC Administration failed to consider the needs of the Lake County manufacturers in their long term plans for the college.  We predict that they will pay a price for that at the ballot box when any new or renewal levy is requested.)


Mr. Massie,

In response to your request, please find the following information:

  1. “Annual payments made to the consulting company known as IDEO, a global design and innovation company for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019”

No annual payments were made to IDEO by Lakeland.  Payments made to IDEO were for separately identified projects categorized as Design thinking workshops for faculty and employees; Program development and student success initiatives; and Concept and design services.  The following represent project payment amounts made to IDEO by Lakeland, as well as payments provided by grants and gifts, in the following fiscal years:

FY2015: $-0
FY2016: $-0
FY2017: $755,612 for building design services
FY2018: $22,401, plus $167,353 funded by private grants and gifts
FY2019: $-0-, plus $763,493, funded by private grants and gifts

  1. “Description of services performed for Lakeland Community College by IDEO”

Lakeland and IDEO engaged in a collaborative partnership for design research, capacity building, student-centered service design, and prototyping to reimagine support services to improve student success. Projects like the Lakeland/IDEO collaboration contributed to Lakeland’s overall success in recently being identified as the highest ranked community college in Ohio, and the second highest ranked community college in the U.S. for student success.


Michael Fisher
Lakeland Community College
(440) 525-7788

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