Lakeland Community College…enrollment decline

declining sales chart

Declining Enrollment

(LFC Comments:  Thanks to one of our many Kirtland lobbyists for this depressing news about the enrollment at Lakeland Community College.  Wow, their enrollment is dropping faster than the support for Joe Biden and Lake County’s “He who shall not be named”.  When we consider the declining enrollment in Lake County schools, the future is starting to look pretty bleak for Morris and his Board.  They may want to update their retirement plans.  Anyone seen a Lake County Commissioner, or a Commissioner “wanna-be”  addressing this problem?…Buehler? Buehler? )

These enrollment figures are from the current Lakeland Post, an online newspaper for LCC employees.

These numbers have dropped by thousands from the high figures reported in the past.
The board will probably add a new provost to study the situation.


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