When is a Democrat a Republican?

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We have been curious about the Republican primary race for Lake County Recorder – Gabe Cicconetti versus Incumbent Becky Lynch.  Why would a seemingly  lifelong Democrat (Cicconetti), with strong name recognition as a Democrat, now “crossover” and challenge an incumbent Republican?

Ross McDonald Board of Elections

Ross McDonald

We were intrigued by that question so we contacted Mr. Ross McDonald, Director of the Lake County Elections Board, and asked how can that happen?  Here is his response:

“For purposes of Ohio election law, an individual affiliates with a political party by voting in that party’s primary election. An individual does not register a political party preference when they register to vote. If a voter does not want to affiliate with a political party, then the voter may vote for issues only if any issues were certified to the ballot in that voter’s precinct.

An elector is considered to be a member of a political party if they voted in that party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years, or if they did not vote in any other party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years. (emphasis added by LFC)

In the last two calendar years, Lake County has had one partisan primary election, which occurred on May 8, 2018.  Our voter history records indicate “R” or “r” for Republican Party, “D” or “d” for Democratic Party, “G” or “g” for Green Party, “L” or “l” for Libertarian Party, and “X” or “x” for issues only (nonpartisan). The difference between the upper and lowercase is how the voter participated; uppercase denotes an Election Day voter and lowercase denotes an absentee voter.”

Ross McDonald, Director of the Lake County Elections Board


So now that we have the rules, let’s see how Mr. Cicconnetti has voted in the last 21 elections.  From the Lake County Board of Election’s website, we gathered the following voting information regarding Mr. Cicconnetti:

[Format: Year / Month / Day / “G” = General / “P” = Primary / “S” = Special][See Ross McDonald’s answer for “R,r,D,d,G,g,L,l, X,x]

1. 2006 11 07G   “x”
2. 2008 03 04P   “D
3. 2008 11 04G   “x”
4. 2009 11 03G  “x”
5. 2010 11 02G  “x”
6. 2011 05 03S  “X”
7. 2011 08 02S  “X”
8. 2011 11 08G “X”
9. 2012  03 06P  “D
10. 2012  11 06G  “x”
11. 2013  11 05G  “X”
12. 2014 05 06P  “D
13. 2014 11 04G  “x”
14. 2015 11 03G  “x”
15. 2016 03 15P  “d
16. 2016 11 08G  “x”
17. 2017 05 02P  “X”
18. 2017 11 07G  “x”
19. 2018  05 08P  “X”
20. 2018 11 06G  “x”
21. 2019 11 05G  “x”

Mr. Cicconetti is eligible to run on the Republican ticket even though he has never voted in a Republican primary.  He met the rule: if they did not vote in any other party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years.

Cicconetti flyer
Here is a flyer that was received in the mail…my, oh my, it sure looks likes he wants voters to know that he has nothing to do with the Democrats.  Makes us wonder if “the man doth protest too much”.



Perhaps Mr. Cicconetti’s conversion to a Republican is real.   However, as we look at his voting record we are inclined to give it a “definite maybe”…that is much different than our other option of  “a for sure, maybe”.

you decide

What other reasons could make a Democrat run as a Republican?  Any ideas?  Let’s offer some conjecture, shall we:

  • Incumbents Hamercheck and Lynch were surprise winners in the last election, and viewed as “soft targets” in 2020.
  • The Lake County cabal made a deal – the Dems can have the Recorder position as long as the Republicans can control x, y or z.  A political no-name will be offered as a sacrificial lamb for positions x, y and z so the unaware voters think that they are getting a choice at the ballot box.
  • Party infiltration is real, and moles can be effective.
  • Independents cannot win a County position, and you must be affiliated with  either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to have any chance at victory.
  • The Republicans seemed to be poised to win in November, and Trump’s coattails will pull some Republicans in the local elections to victory.

We just finished reading a book called The Great Game, The Myth and Reality of Espionage by Frederick P. Hitz.  Lake County’s local politics could be a chapter in the book.







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4 replies

  1. Chicken-ette is nothing but a tool. He is definitely not a Republican.

    He just ran and won as Trustee for Painesville Township. Less than a month later, he’s getting signatures to oust a Republican incumbent…one that is actually doing good things for the Lake County taxpayer?

    Cicconette has been a life-long Democrat…JUST LIKE DADDY…and nothing has changed. If little Gabrielle was really a Republican, he would be helping Becky Lynch retain her seat. Come in through the front door why don’t you. Gabe, I’m going to give you a tip you should probably take…stop hanging around with those back door guys.

    If you are really having a crisis of conscience and are switching parties from the Demon-Rat Party to be a Republican, you don’t primary an incumbent in YOUR OWN PARTY out of the gate. Especially a true conservative…a REAL Republican who saved the taxpayer over $100K when she got a refund for something that her predecessor RAT-Cliffe bought that didn’t work.

    By the way, RAT-Cliffe is running for her old job again. In case you didn’t know, RAT-Cliffe purposely tried to thwart Becky Lynch’s ability to transition into her new office. Files were missing, user names and passwords were hidden…the entire office was in a shambles…state of disarray. RAT-Cliffe did everything she could to keep Becky from experiencing a smooth transition. Well Bekcy did a great job in spite of RAT-Cliffe’s efforts…so the cabal had to up the ante.

    Back to little Gabrielle…what about the Painesville Township citizens who voted for this guy thinking he would be their township trustee for another 4 years? Yes, you are absolutely correct LFC, the cabal DID play let’s make a deal. Wake up people!

    Now we, the voter, need to send little Gabrielle packing. Let’s tell CHICKEN-ETTE, to go back to Painesville Township with his tail between his legs.


  2. As the only registered Republican-I hope to get the Republican vote. Front door, front porch, party loyalty works better than a Trojan Horse. The form to qualify to run says Republican not ‘non’. I’m decisive, I’ve run your Recorder Office with Fairness, got refund of $108,183, am business-minded, frugal, a fighter. Love to have your vote again.
    -Becky Lynch, Republican Recorder


  3. Those of you who need to use an alias to write an article or a comment are clearly too afraid to state your name because you will need to eat crow come March 17th.

    Let’s talk a little common sense (something non-Lake County libertarians tend to have). Gabe Cicconetti was a Democrat. No doubt about it. If there was only another Republican in this country that was once a Democrat this move might make more sense. (Hint: check the President) Look at anything Cicconetti has stated over the past 5+ years about why he decided to change parties. He’s very clear that he #walkedaway. He has said this very clearly well before a township election or even the last general election. So the Republican party wants to grow.. but not at the expense of somebody with ambition?

    To the writer of the article and “John Wick” thinking he’s a mole because his father is a Democrat… I agree that Democrats are idiots, but do you really think they would be dumb enough to put somebody with the same last name as the most well known Democrat in the county in as a mole? Makes no sense. Do you think Gabe would risk his political career to be a mole? Makes no sense. Do you really think that he wants the job of recorder bad enough to run in a party he doesn’t believe in? Makes no sense. If he was still a Democrat do you really think he’s afraid of Ann Radcliffe? Makes no sense.

    You are all self proclaimed “libertarians” yet you are worried about somebody that used to be a Democrat. I might remind you of the libertarian principles: “As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.“ Quit being mainline republicans and start acting like libertarians and pick the candidate that holds the same beliefs as you and will do the best job. Clearly this is Cicconetti!



  1. Crossovers…Another Tactic to Influence an Election – Lobbyists for Citizens

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